Goals & Objectives

Urban Soccer Academy launched its competitive program in Boise Idaho June 1, 2020. Our Academy's focus is to offer a top competitive training environment for all levels of athletes and to provide each player with an enjoyable structured environment that is player centered.  


"Our philosophy is anchored in providing a meaningful experience to athletes while enhancing their skills and values in life through sports. We aim to provide them with the opportunities for physical, social, emotional, and mental enhancement that will lead them into their future goals"

Player Development

  • Technical and tactical ability is the main focus throughout the whole academy.

  • Individual player development in a team concept is what every coach adapts in the training sessions.

  • The talent and creativity of each player will be encouraged!

  • The individual ability of players is demonstrated in a game and team setting.

  • The long term goal is to prepare the player to successfully recognize and solve challenges of the game on his or her own.