Tryouts Facts in Idaho


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Players Right:

1.1 All players have the right and opportunity to choose which team, club or association tryouts they wish to attend. No team, club, association, or IYSA member league may violate, infringe or restrict this basic right for players in any manner.

1.2. Players, parents and coaches must also recognize that players are bound to the team for the entire seasonal year (Aug 1 – Jul 31) once they sign a player registration form, subject to the Bylaws of IYSA and their member leagues regarding player transfers and when a player voluntarily quits.

1.3 Paragraphs 1.3.1 through 1.3.6 are a few examples of actions that would restrict, violate and/or infringe upon the “Player’s Right To Choose” and are prohibited under this section. They are presented here to not only give examples, but to help express the spirit of the law:

1.3.1 Informing a player that he/she will lose their spot or will not be offered one if he/she elects to attend tryouts of other teams, clubs, or associations.

1.3.2 If a team, club, or association holds tryouts on more than one occasion and deliberately requires a player to attend all of them in order to prevent the player from attending the tryout of any other team, club, or association.

1.3.3 Requiring that a player commits to the team, club, or association as a condition to attend tryouts.

1.3.4 Requiring that a player immediately commit to join that team, club, or association before leaving the field at the end of the tryouts.

1.3.5 Making any offer to join a team, club, or association prior to the tryout date(s). This is not applicable to a player’s current team, club, or association.

1.3.6 The person or club designee fails to notify the appropriate team, club, or association within 48- hours of hearing from a currently registered player of another IYSA member organization who gets in contact about changing teams. Notification should be via email and be sent to the DOC, TD, President, and/or registrar of the team, club, or association currently holding the player’s registration.

Coach moving clubs:

2.1 Any coach switching clubs will be prohibited from involvement in the same gender-specific age group as he/she was with his/her previous club for a period of one year. “Involvement” includes coaching, managing, training, etc.

2.2 Any player (except the coach’s own child) rostered with the coach before the move is not eligible to be rostered on any team with which the coach is involved at the new club.

2.3 Any coach switching clubs may apply for an exception to 2.1 or 2.2 by appealing to the IYSA Technical Director.

2.3.1 Examples of when an exception would likely be given include, but are not exclusive to the following: club dissolution/mergers, the appropriate prior club representative agrees in writing to the coach’s move to a different club.

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ALBION SC Idaho Tryouts facts:

  • Players are free to choose and move clubs as they see fit.
  • Coaches who leave clubs can't coach the previous age group they coached the year prior for a period of 1 year.
  • Players are not penalized from moving clubs and are free to play where they choose. They are not punished for moving clubs and can still play freely locally and regionally.


ALBION SC Idaho offers local, regional and national play options. ALBION SC is one of the only clubs in America to successfully build a “full pyramid” organization – a professional soccer team that sits atop the organization, a full Elite Pathway (MLS NEXT/EA -GA/DPL) academy, full club academy and juniors program rounded off by community programs that form the base.


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