Yellowstone Premier League Soccer

Yellowstone Premier League Soccer


HISTORY: Yellowstone Premier League was founded in June 2020 with the idea to bring together developmentally appropriate modeled soccer clubs. Yellowstone Premier League agreed to form their own league based on a simple concept that included three main features:

  1. Superior Competition
  2. A Model for Player Development and
  3. A Governing Board made up of Professional Soccer Directors.

The YPL is based on the philosophy that the player is a member of the club as well as a member of the team and that successful clubs develop players and teams from within rather than through recruitment.

General Overview: Yellowstone Premier League (YPL) is an organization created to provide sporting activities and opportunities for young people, regardless of race, religion, or economic status, in urban communities. Yellowstone Premier League will design and implement youth soccer programs with academic and social standards that will develop young people into well-rounded members of our community.

Objectives: To increase participation in youth soccer and provide opportunities to compete in league games. Also, to increase youth access to health care and healthy lifestyle development.

Organization: Yellowstone Premier League is an organization committed to developing youth soccer for charitable and educational purposes without regard to race, creed, color, sex or national or ethnic origin.

Mission: The mission of the Yellowstone Premier League is to provide a constant learning environment that develops soccer players from ages 5 - 20+ to their fullest athletic, educational, and social potential regardless of gender, physical abilities or background. This will be accomplished by providing holistic instruction and competitive opportunities that enhance character, sense of team, community and passion for the game of soccer.